Our permanent usable racetrack located in the industrial area Mühlau. Thus, it can be used 24 hours without anyone bothering to noise.

  •      Track length  : 257m
  •      Track width    : 4m
  •      Track surface: asphalt 0,8er grit (like at Sachsenring)
  •      Track records: 1/5 TW: 17,27s (Markus Feldmann)
  •                                       1/8: 14,20s

     Cab        : covered, for more like 10 people
     Paddock: for more like 50 drivers, roofed, Shore supply 220v
                      Timing AMBrc3 Decoder available.

Spectators, interested, future RC Car pilots and guest drivers are welcome to join us. We are happy to explain the sophisticated technology that goes into our minicars. Particularly exciting is when just a RC Car will be held races, the dates can be found here.
For good food is also provided at racing events.
As a guest driver you can always enjoy coming over. For a guest driver fee of 10 € for adults and 5 € for young people all day gas can be given.